Joe's Challenges

Over 100 Challenges and Counting

Reaching your goal takes hard work, commitment, and a support network to help see you through. Hear from the people who have joined the Joe Sharron Challenge and what drives them to succeed.

Zebulon Jakub - Dedicating time every day to learn a new language
Christophe Lemaire - Plunge 4 Pete to strike out ALS
PJ Donahue - 50 marathons in 50 states to help me overcome addiction
Bryant Cook - Kiteboarding challenge - learn how to ride a surfboard strapless
Pater Van Amson - Peter Van Amson pledges a multi year project to learn how to play an instrument. He's been working the guitar since Halloween 2018.
Christophe Lamaire - Christophe Lemaire is giving the mount Washington auto road bicycle hill climb race another shot on August 17 and 18th this year. His goal is to try to beat last year’s time of 1 hour 29 minutes and 41 seconds.
Mike Convey - Mike Convey to lose 30 pounds in 2019.
Steve Augusta - “I'm going to take up running again and plan to run in five 5K's between now and our wedding anniversary on Sept 22. Wish me luck! ACHIEVED June 2018! Happy Anniversary to Steve and his lovely wife. "I ran my first 5K in June and placed third in my division. That was the first race I've run in over 20 years."
Tom Harte - Join the century club by doing 100 miles on his bike. ACHIEVED!
Phillip Mann - Lose weight and goal is to weigh 195 pounds.
Jim Neville - ACHIEVED! Learn how to kite surf by Memorial Day.
Mark and Christa (Tsoukalas) Danisewicz - Climb all 48 of the 4,000 footers in NH. Christa "I have a feeling Joe will be hiking in no time! And when he is, we should all go together."
James Duckworth - “Beat my half-marathon time by at least 5 minutes this year."
Colleen Boisvert - “COMPLETED 8/12! I accomplished my goal of doing a handlepass today! I just finished a relentless crash fest for about 5 hours before finally catching that bar! A fellow kitesurfer, I pledge to do a "Blind Judge 1" by my birthday July 22nd. I've been working on this for about a year. I pledge to be daring and bold and believe in myself! Keep fighting and I hope to hear more good news of your progress soon.
John Macchia - COMPLETED!! Amazing! - "Run a half marathon for the first time. I have run 5k and 8k races before, but never a half marathon. I started training for the half in April. The race is at the end of June. For training, I have been upping my miles every two weeks and I just hit 8 miles on Monday. Now I'm trying to up it' each week by another mile, so this Monday I'm going for 9 miles."
Ann Filler and family - “Participate in 2017 Walk or Pedal for PSC. Charity challenge in Vermont to benefit PSC partners seeking a care July 28-30."
Maria Giotopoulos - “My challenge is to accept 'what is' and appreciate that I have a wonderful family and support system of people who love me."
Tony Martin - “My pledge is to teach my son to drive his stick shift car."
Dr. Ross, Mary and Joanne - “Lose 50lbs."
Ken Leith - “Lose 2 1/2 lbs a week until I hit the weight I was in 1996 (176), I will also promise my little bud black lab "Sydney" that no matter how cold or rainy or how busy life can get we will go for a good walk (everyday). Finally I promise never to forget the feeling I have right now hearing all of this and seeing the lucky blessings I have in my life."
Sunjay Agtey - “I started an EMBA program at Notre Dame in January. My goal is to graduate in May of 2018 while still being able to spend quality time with family, friends, and staying focused at work."
Maria Economou - “My goal is to loose weight which has been a battle for many yrs. In honoring you I have set a challenge to loose 25 lbs. by 2018! I am inspired by your positive attitude which allows you to never give up!! We are all in this Challenge together! I will focus very hard just for you Joe!! May God Bless You Joe with his healing power!! I believe in miracles!"
Sue Worst - “I pledge to run for the first time the Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon for Joseph where he will watch me from the finish line in December!"
Meg MacGregor - “I had a goal to run 10 races of any length last year and fell short by 6. I will commit to running 10 races starting with a 5 mile race in March."
Jay Azocar - "Drop 10 pounds." Achieved!
Susan Azocar - “Drop 10 pounds." Achieved!
Nicole Sharron Bassett - "Train for my Black Belt in Karate." ACHIEVED June 2019.
Chuck - “Obtain better balance of body and mind and do yoga 2 to 4 times a week."
Alexa Berret - “Dedicate myself to reaching my goal weight by the end of 2017."
Christa (Tsoukalas) Danisewicz - “ACHIEVED June 24, 2017, despite heavy rain and 55 mph winds! Thank you!! My challenge...Conquering my fear of finishing the Glencliff Trail in the White Mountains once and for all (the back story is that I have attempted this trail several times and have had some sort of snafu each time, which forced me to turn around and never finish it -- including an injury -- so now I'm petrified to attempt it again, I feel like it's "cursed" lol).”
Dawn Pearson - Learn to drive a manual transmission.
Kevin Smith - "I'm going to put my health challenges behind me and pledge to run AT LEAST one half marathon AND cycle 100 miles in 2017"
Gretchen Dunoyer - “My challenge is to continue to move through the intensive Lyme disease treatment that I am undergoing with ease and grace and to come out the other side with vibrancy and restored health. I remain unattached to the outcome and fully accept whatever comes. I live fully and joyfully with "what is" and embrace each moment of my life, even the challenging ones. My daily mantra: My body knows how to heal and does so magnificently. And I get out of the way, do my work and let the miracles happen."
Mary Lou Leene - Daily Hail Mary's for Joe.
Heather Valentine - 3X3/30 (shed 20lbs, develop an exercise cadence, and find better work/family balance).
Maura Rury - "I would love to return to my pre-baby weight and complete a Savage Race event, but my goal is to focus on and spend more time with my wonderful kids. They are a true blessing and you don't get that missed time back. ACHIEVED!"
Anthony Nip - “My challenge is to learn to speak Japanese.”
Sharon McAvoy - “My goal is to workout 4 days a week and get back into shape!”
Dan Sally - Dan Sally has pledged to take on the challenge!
Jill Fratianne - “I vow to lose the 30lbs this year. You will be my inspiration for health.”
Diane Eastwood - Swim a minimum of 1 mile/week this year and mindfully dedicate that swim to support Joe in his recovery. ACHIEVED!
Dylan Dobbyn - “I plan to lose 20lbs this year.”
Ellen - “I'm going to ride a Century in September. I'm going to be thinking of you when I am struggling to get to the gym or to spin. UPDATE 10/24/2017! Congratulations! Dylan and I rode a metric century in Sept. we did not make it the full century but that is ok.”
Kate Horne - 1) teaching both my husband and daughter to swim this year. 2) continue to raise two tiny humors to be great people and great friends. 3) more family vacations and family time together.
Diana Pike - “I'm going to learn how to ride a bike (again) and ride the rail trail by the end of the year.”
Don Kuehl - Drop 10 lbs, Get back up to 6 mile runs this winter, average 100+ miles/week on the bike (in season) for the first time since I got crashed, Do 2 century rides in season.
Chris Kealey - Turning 50 Years old this year, Chris will do his annual Birthday Mile. Challenging himself to do this under 5 minutes. ACHIEVED!
Fergus Keenan - “Despite my fear of heights, I will learn to rock climb this year with a stretch goal of five 14ers by the fall! ACHIEVED!”
Heidi Carlson - Lose 4 lbs/month through October with a healthy diet and exercise.
Guillaume Dougados - “After having this goal for 15 years, I will bring my weight down to 175 lbs and teach my son to ski.”
Arthur Alexion - Exercise more, eat healthy foods, and lose 10 lbs and visit the Meteora in Greece with Alexa, ACHIEVED!
Mark Roberge - Raise $5,000 for the charity of Joe's choice in 2017.
Christy Lope - Strength training in 2017 and positive thoughts for Joe.
Allen Foehl - Prayers for your recovery.
Dan McGuire - Walk 1.25 miles at a brisk pace every day that I am able.
Karen Oldenburg - Work hard to lose 10 lbs.
Marilynn Meek - “After 30 years of good intentions, I commit to reading The Bible from cover-to-cover in 2017. Daily prayers for you.”
Jade Benoit - Create a healthy lifestyle for the family (homemade meals & 8 hrs of sleep 5 days/wk and 60 mins of exercise 3 times/wk).
Jordyne Wu - Return to my pre-baby weight.
Jonah Lopin - Make time to work out and be strong and flexible.
Peter Caputa - Lead Databox from earlystage start up to successful company as CEO.
Magdalena Georgiva - Help 10 people (with professional interviews, volunteering, donating, etc) in 2017.
Erin Lindsay - 365 days of yoga in 2017 and intentions set with Joe in mind.
Wes Schifone - Teach my son to ski or ice skate this year.
John Schnauck - Ski the bowl of Tuckerman's Ravine (training will require me to drop 15lbs)."
Christophe Lemaire - Learn Spanish (using the Duolingo method) and lose 10lbs by June 30, 2017. UPDATE 1) Lose 10lbs by June 30, 2017: ACHIEVED 2) Learn Spanish using Duolingo method: Made good progress but put on hold and replaced with: 3) Mt Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb, 2018: ACHIEVED.
Jim (brother-in-law) - Commit to a spring marathon ACHIEVED May 21, 2017! Thank you!! ACHIEVED FALL Marathon October 14, 2017!
Nicole (sister #3) - Run a half-marathon ACHIEVED October 14, 2017! Thank you!! AMAZING NICOLE!
Kristen (sister #2) - Take the LSAT (finally!) and lose 10 lbs.
Alyson (sister #1) - Do meaningful work and complete the Around the Rock SUP race.
Mom - Walk to Church and volunteer ACHIEVED!
Dad - Daily novenas for Joe.
Michelle (wife) - Learn how to swim.