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Joe Sharron A friend, kiter, and adventurer all around. He is the guy who drives three hours to get skunked, but always has a smile. He is the guy who brings the grill and food for all!
He is the guy who was seriously injured and physically, not 100%.
But mentally, 110%!
I know this and to help motivate myself, Joe, and or anyone out there? I took it upon myself to join the Joe Sharron Challenge because I myself have been through my own hard injuries and trials in life.
The Challenge is easy. Pick a new thing, a new idea to ponder a new topic to discover, a new sport, activity, whatever, and.......stick with it.
So I did, happily join the Joe Sharron challenge. 
My choice was to learn (again) a new language.  I chose French as I have had 7 years of education with French as the language, and I know nothing.
I paid for the Duolingo Subscription $80 a year, and every day for the last 3 years no matter where, or what I was doing, I made it happen.
This includes using Satellite connections in the jungles of Central America to get my lessons in to changing devices so that the phone I broke, can be replaced.  All of this has to be done each day with a 24 hour time cap or you do not get the consistent day after day promise I made to myself and Joe.
Do it, everyday, no matter what.
I am now at 1009 lessons in a row, and usually do 3-10 lessons a day.  I am not fluent, but my vocabulary has def grown.  I am not able to fully be conversant, but I can follow movies and read almost anything with comprehension.
But the larger part here, supporting my friend from the Kiteboarding world.  It is to no matter what follow through with the promise to try hard, everyday and push the life clutter away, and do what I promised to do.  
I promised myself to join and succeed in the Joe Sharron Challenge.
I think of Joes daily challenges day to day, and understand the changes that he and all of us around him observe and endure. 

To that end, each time i wake up and turn on the Duolingo app, to again, par take in the Joe Sharron challenge, I think of Joe and the effort he puts in day to day.
I will continue to do the same!
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