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Guillaume Dougados - Skiing Challenge

My challenge was to teach my son Elliott downhill skiing. 
I’ve been skiing since I was a little kid and it is one of my life-long passions in the winter, I love being out in the mountains anytime of the year.

I started teaching him at Wachusett until he became confident enough to bomb down the hill non-stop and the thrills stopped him from listening to daddy who was trying to teach him how to turn and stop. Eventually I decided it would be best to let pros do the teaching and it was also letting me ski while he was at ski school. Last winter was his second season at Cannon mountain, by mid-season he had outgrown the program, so we were able to do more skiing together and he was proud to show mommy how it’s done. For the 2019-2020 season, he is register with Cannon’s youth development program, he will be skiing with a pro in group in the morning and with me in the afternoon. I like the formula because I get to do my thing in the morning and enjoy some quality and relaxing father-son skiing in the afternoon. My wife Valerie, who does not ski much even agreed to spend 5 days with us at Cannon in December and I’m super pumped about it.

What did I gain from this Challenge?

Teaching Elliott skiing felt natural to me, passing on a passion is what fathers are supposed to do, my father passed it on to me as well. It’s a financial sacrifice, skiing in the US is very expensive but I won’t look back and keep doing it as long as possible, it’s worth it, I feel it is my duty to Elliott and I enjoy seeing him having a blast on the slopes. With global warming, I suspect that when my age there won’t be enough snow for downhill skiing anymore, at least not at lower elevations like here in New England.

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