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Kate Horne - Swim Challenge

For our challenge, we decided to learn to swim as a family.

I grew up swimming at an early age and was on swim teams etc, and generally consider it a life skill.  My husband never learned to swim and it made me nervous once we had kids so this past summer, we made it a family goal! Status update: My husband is VERY close to swimming (can generally swim across a pool as long as he doesn't have to stop and breath - aka the most important part...working on it!) and my 5 year old daughter is now a swimmer!  They also taught my 3 year old a skill where if he is in water over his nose, he can "bounce" off the bottom and then take a breath each time until he gets to the stairs. Its really cool and generally I can throw him in a deeper area and he can bounce to the stairs. It's amazing what Joe has accomplished and learning to swim is so small in comparison to everything he has been through and had to relearn.

Proud of you Joe!


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