Christophe Lemaire - Bicycle Hillclimb Race Challenge

When this challenge will feel like I just can’t take it anymore, I will think of Joe, and be reminded that I am so very lucky to be able to even attempt it.

7.6 miles in length at a 12% average grade, with extended sections at 18% and the last 50 yards at a staggering 22%, culminating at 6,288 feet, the Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb race is arguably one of the toughest hillclimbs in the world. On August 17th, I will compete in the 47th edition of this annual event for the second time in a row in honor of Joe Sharron. This is my ’Joe Sharron Challenge’. My goal last year was to complete the climb in less than 1h30. With solid training, but mostly thanks to Joe’s inspirational boost, I finished in 1h 29min and 41 sec. This year my training has been less than ideal. I will strive to complete the climb in less than 1h35. I know that Joe will be rooting for me, but more importantly, it is the example that Joe and his wife set by facing incredible challenges on a daily basis with positivity, resilience and grace, that will fuel my effort and remind me to be grateful for the opportunity to ride my bike up the infamous ‘Rockpile’. Joe’s positivism and the way he leads his life are an inspiration to so many people. I am lucky to know him and to be the beneficiary of his wisdom.

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