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Bryant Cook - Kitesurfing Challenge

Joe Sharron was one of first people I met when I started Kiteboarding. In addition to being a great all around guy, Joe impressed me with his rapid progression to kitesurfing on a strapless surfboard.

He has continued to inspire me since his accident with his positive attitude and unrelenting focus on strengthening and self improvement.  This spring, I started the "Joe Sharron challenge" and committed to learning to kite surf waves on a strapless surfboard.  At one time I could not even have imagined attempting this as it requires mastery of kite handling, board control and a solid understanding of waves.  

I took a trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with some friends and focused on riding the strapless surfboard during continuous downwind trips over several miles (it was actually Joe who recommended this approach). During those "downwinders" as they’re called I started to quickly improve my skill at handling and transitioning directions on the strapless surfboard.  Since then I’ve continued to work on strapless kitesurfing whenever possible in conditions ranging from flat water with 15 mph wind to head high waves with 40+ mph winds. Though difficult at times, it has been a fun and exciting challenge, and I look forward to continuing to work towards mastery.  Thank you Joe for the friendship, encouragement and inspiration!

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