Tymiak Hawkins NCAA Basketball Challenge and Podcast

❤️🙏 This is an amazing challenge: An NCAA basketball star suffers a life threatening stroke. This is his story and his quest to get back on the basketball court to play in his alumni game. BONUS: Ty’s book Becoming The Light + our Podcast

My Joe Sharron Challenge  is to push myself to return to playing basketball, at least recreationally. I played basketball in college and unfortunately my stroke diminished my skills. My goal is to be able to play in my Alumni basketball game in 2022. Basketball is my therapy and I challenge myself to be more present around the game and to return to the court as a player. 

My name is Tymiak Hawkins and on June 5, 2019 I was diagnosed with a cavernous malformation which was found after having a hemorrhagic brainstem stroke. In the early hours of the day a God-like figure came to me in a dream and said, “It’s time to go.” I had been experiencing issues with headaches, balance, coordination, and vision, and I knew that the figure was urging me to go to the hospital. I faced a grim diagnosis based on statistics; I was given only a 26% chance of survival and a 10% chance at a full recovery.  

I was blindsided by this as I felt that I was in good health.  I was an athlete and was only 4 years removed from my college basketball career at Fairleigh Dickinson University-College at Florham. I went from playing basketball to having to relearn to walk and run. Despite the odds being stacked against me I was able to make a miraculous recovery.

I am very thankful for my dream that prompted me to go to the hospital, and thankful for all the support and love I received on my journey. I tackled my therapies head-on, but I knew my work was not done. I felt compelled to write a book to share my story and serve as a guide for others who have had similar experiences with stroke and other brain conditions.

It is my hope that my book teaches its readers about the early signs of stroke, what to expect during the recovery process, and how stroke patients and their caregivers can help each other through this life-changing event.

I am native of Philadelphia, but now I reside in Hillsborough, NJ with my wife, Rachel. I received my B.A. in Communications from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2015. I am Co-Founder of 2 The T, a brand I created with my brother Tya’ron, who also was diagnosed with a cavernous malformation, to spread awareness about brain health. I am also the COO of Your Finances Simplified, a financial literacy and credit repair company.

For more information, follow Tymiak on Instagram @twothet2.0, visit

Ty and his wife Rachel were kind enough to share their story on my latest podcast. You can listen by clicking the play button below.

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