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Tom Brady Made Me Do It

OK it didn’t go exactly like the photo but bottom line is I’m making a professional comeback!!!! And many thanks to Tom Brady.

Last week I started dialogue with thought leaders in AI, cloud computing, medical devices, and robotics.

There are a few things Tom Brady and I have in common including the fact that we both left  the profession we love at the top of our game, our dimensions are roughly the same in height and weight, we are both married to supermodels and we've both been surrounded by remarkable teammates.

One thing Tom and I do not have in common is the fact that he un-retired after only 40 days and it took me 580 days to get out of the hospital, and several years of physical and occupational therapy to re-develop the skills I need to be affective as a recruiter.

Tom inspired me, proving it doesn't matter how many years you have in front or behind you, what matters most is your passion, commitment to the profession and unparalleled work ethic.

Brady, the undisputed GOAT had Vinatieri, Seymour, Moss, Edelman and Gronkowski plus a host of others who helped him earn seven Super Bowl rings and a number of MVP trophies. For me there were no rings or trophies but I challenge anyone to argue my team can't run circles around Brady‘s.

I was part of a team, we won and lost as a team. I was fortunate enough to recruit some of the most amazing people on the planet, working with them throughout the interview process, negotiating compensation, and finally, on-boarding them into a new company. 

They have grown professionally into leaders of both people and technology, and appear  on the executive teams of some of the best companies. I am a better recruiter for having recruited them into prior or present positions and the list below represents a fraction of those I have recruited yet it is one of the many reasons I am getting back in the game. 

I am looking for an opportunity to work on a corporate recruiting team with passionate people working on technology that will change the world or at the very least offer an on-ramp for the company to go for world domination (in a positive and constructive manner of course). DM me if you know of such an opportunity.

Let's Go!!!

Juliette Kopecky CMO at LinkSquares
Jeetu Mahtani EVP, Customer Success -- SVP, Sales and MD International HubSpot
Brian Bresee Director of Sales, North America Partner Program at HubSpot
Ryan Beale Vice President, Mid-Market Sales & Canada Sales at HubSpot
Louisa Proctor Senior Global Director, Learning & Development at HubSpot
Sam Moorhead VP Sales at Copper
Scott Fredo Chief Financial Officer at CarGurus
Adam Enbar Founder and CEO, Flatiron School
Billy MacDonald VP of Customer Success, Databox
Caroline Kirby-Madden Senior VP of Sales & GTM Strategy at Zone & Co
Jennifer (Cooley) Linehan Vice President Network at High Alpha
Matthew Fradette Co-founder & CRO The Wanderlust Group
Brooke Freedman Senior Director of Sales, Mid-Market @ Drift
Ryan L. Ball Senior Vice President Of Global Sales at Enboarder
Greg Wise Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer at OneScreen.AI
Heather Ryan Partner @ Mercer
Dannie Herzberg Partner at Sequoia Capital
Corey Beale GTM Leader - CRO at Order
Kim Walsh CGO/CRO • Former Global VP, HubSpot • Angel Investor
Ryan Neu Co-founder & CEO, Vendr
Ryan Meadows VP Sales, Americas at Klaviyo
David Shepherd Country Manager Australia and New Zealand, HubSpot
Robert Land General Manager, BBG USA
Avinash Gupta Head of Game Growth Advertising Amazon
Atul Mistry Chief Software Architect at Symbotic
Rick Huang Director of Software Engineering Symbotic
Christopher Ford RVP of Product and Engineering for Threat Stack - F5
Marty Meyer Chief Financial Officer at GAN Integrity
Christine Pecina Sr VP of Engineering at Quilt (purchased by MassMutual)
Paul Tobin Director, HW Engineering at NVIDIA


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