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Road trip!!

Today marks the start of freedom for Michelle and I as we embark on the first of many road trips to come. Our first adventure took us to Newburyport, a very special place for us to visit.

As a child my parents kept a sailboat at the Newburyport yacht club and it seems as though I more or less grew up on the water and in town wandering around as a kid. Much has changed over the decades where the river went from a polluted waterway and the town from a has been fishing village to an important watershed and one of the most beautiful iconic towns in the Northeast.

I took a break from Newburyport at around age 13 when my parents kept the boat elsewhere. I returned at age 32 when I bought a 19 foot center console boat and kept it at the what was called ferry landing marina. We had some amazing times taking the boat to Wingaersheek and Crane Beach and fishing, lots of fishing!!

In my early 40s I opened up an office on State Street, right in downtown and it was one of the best work/life balance as I have ever had. With the boat nearby and Kitesurfing just around the corner there was always something to do when I had free time.

Today we returned to the waterfront and all of its glory with people enjoying the park, boardwalk and hundreds of boaters going up and down the Merrimack River on their way to the Atlantic Ocean. It was great to see the vibrance of all of the many fine restaurants operating at full capacity both indoors and out.

It was a perfect day! Sunshine, temperatures in the high 70s and a very light breeze coming from the west cooling you off as it whispered through the people and trees. We found the perfect parking spot just feet from the boardwalk. We could not ask for more.

We have not had a chance to use the van after receiving it back from being outfitted for accessibility in Indiana. A couple of local trips to break it in with today marking the first real mini road Adventure.

We are so thankful to Eric at MobilityWorks in Londonderry New Hampshire for everything that he did dating back to the year 2017 just weeks after my accident when I met him at Spaulding rehabilitation and he showed me one of the vans. I knew one day I would get one, it was just a matter of time. And Eric nurtured that lead for several years, answering hundreds of questions and never giving up.

I am thankful to Karen at the New Hampshire Voch rehab who spent the last 2 1/2 years helping me make my home and automobile more accessible. Without her none of this would have been possible.

A big thanks to Ashley at Salvadore auto for helping with the Van. She held our hand from the very first call and was so kind and patient I could not believe she was a sales agent at a car dealership. She took the time to listen to exactly what we wanted and got us into the van that fit our needs.

We are thankful to everyone who helped us get the van and we look forward to many road trips to come. ❤️❤️

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