Katie Lemaire - Piano Challenge

Ever since our young children started taking lessons, I have wanted to learn to play the piano.

I know that I have absolutely no sense of rhythm, and every time I sat down at the piano and tried to play, I was overcome by the fact that the scale for the left hand (bass clef) is different than that for the right hand (G clef). So our piano has been sitting idle for many years.  When Joe had his injury and I saw how hard it was for him to do things that had previously been so simple, I decided that learning to play the piano would be my Joe Sharron challenge. 

Like Joe, I have been at it for several years now.  I struggle when the notes on the left hand are supposed to be short (staccato) while the notes on the right hand are supposed to be long (legato).  I still am challenged by two different scales that my brain is supposed to be processing at the same time, while also trying to coordinate the foot pedals.  I often feel that my hands and feet are not doing what my brain is telling them to do and I think of Joe a lot.

Mine is such a minor challenge compared to the challenge that Joe faces every day.  I continue to be in awe of Joe's positive attitude, his interest and care for others and most importantly, his motivation and drive to regain control of his body and his life.  And he does so with so much grace that I am just one of many who will push myself a little further because of him.

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