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I’m joining the Neuralink team

I didn’t know if the tech community would accept me. Let’s face it, after spending my entire career recruiting in the tech industry I can’t think of one candidate I recruited or worked with who is in a wheelchair let alone a power wheelchair.

5 1/2 years ago I broke my neck (C3/C4) while swimming in Mexico and was clinically dead for 30 minutes, paralyzed from the neck down. Throughout my recovery I knew one day I would get back to work yet always wondered if there would be a spot for someone like me at a tech company.

I recently started my job search journey networking with friends and reaching out to companies I would be passionate about recruiting and building a world-class culture. I encountered some hesitation but I think only because the companies were not prepared to interview someone paralyzed from the neck down but by and large most were very accommodating.

One company in particular went out of their way to make me feel like I was part of the team during the interview process, inquiring what I would need to have a great candidate experience. This company also happens to be the one I was most passionately pursuing.

The name of the company is Neuralink, an Elon Musk company developing brain computer interface (BCI) technology to help people with paralysis and a host of other ailments and disorders. This is game changing technology: think of SpaceX or Tesla 10x.

I am honored to join the team to recruit neurosurgeons, robotics engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers, facilities, project managers, LIMS, mechanical engineers and manufacturing engineers to the Fremont, California and Austin,Texas locations.

As you can see this hits really close to home and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help the team build products and fulfill the mission of helping all of humanity. If you are a spinal cord survivor I hope one day this will help us regain our independence. 

It’s now up to me to prove a person paralyzed from the neck down can function at a high level in an incredibly fast paced environment and fit in. Thanks to my network for providing leads, advice, coaching, and making introductions. ❤️

Join me at Neuralink on this amazing journey and take a look at the current open positions.


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