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Don Kuehl Cycling Challenge

When I first met Don he was Co-founder and General Manager at Galactic Industries Corp, a highly successful commercial spectroscopy/chromatography software company which later went on to be acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

In the decades that would follow I was always impressed with his ability to feed his brain, a brilliant PhD in chemistry with exciting and challenging work, And his dedication to keeping his body well conditioned through running, cycling, exercise and yoga.

But as the years went by time began to take its toll on his body and he suffered several setbacks. None of which got in his way they merely slowed him down. His dedication and determination pulled him from the depths of despair (when your body just can’t take anymore) time and time again.

I think the important take away here is Don’t ever stop moving. Congratulations Don! And now a few words from Don regarding his Joe Sharron Challenge.

So, at the start of the Joe Sharron challenge some years ago, I pledged I would get back to 100+ miles a week on the bike.  Was pretty much there than herniated disk and back problems was a major setback, limited road biking for the last few years.  Well, since no gym, pushed myself this year to get back to riding.  Was hard, have to do a lot of PT maintenance and stretching after rides but proud to say finally got back to 100+ last week after working on it all season.  This week, already at 50 in 2 days.  Not the fastest, but not bad considering.  Hope Joe is making progress as well.  YOLO

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