Dan McGuire - Walk 1.25 Miles per Day

Dan was one of the first people to join the Joe Sharron Challenge. His goal was to walk 1.25 miles at a brisk pace every day that he is able. Based on the note below I would say he has accomplished his goal and then some. Congratulations Dan!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of your challenge. You have been my motivation from the beginning. I still walk my 1.5 mile route six days/week and with the season changing, I can begin a little later in the morning, but still before the sun comes across our mountains. I am averaging 3.8 miles per day with all my other activities, so at 82 years, I am doing quite well on original knees and everything else. When the opportunity arises, I have been hiking in Zion National Park, but the crowds have made it less fun, so I save those walks for the winter months when the park is not so busy. Old people often tell me "keep moving" and so I listen to them and keep's working for them! Enclosing a couple of shots on the Watchman Trail in Zion N.P.

It will be three years in November since I dedicated time to walk; I am the first one up and it occurred to me that while Aleen is getting herself ready for the day, I could use the "dead" time to walk before our day  together began. It works for me and my annual wellness checks prove that it has been very beneficial for me.

Stay in the fight and best wishes for steady progress.  
Dan McGuire

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