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Chrisma Jackson Marathon Challenge

I wanted to share with you that I recently completed a half marathon. Yes, I have ran them before, but after my knee surgery three years ago, I also had a bulging disk (L5/S1) that caused me pain and issues walking.

Joe knows better than anyone that there is science to spinal injuries l, but there is also much trial and error in understanding what your own body can do - thank you so much for the motivation!!!

I tried many modalities to heal over the past few years. Pilates, acupuncture, physical therapy (some really good and some REALLY bad), pain meds, nerv meds, etc. In the end, Rehabilitation yoga on a path to therapy based strength training provided a pathway where now I’m lifting weights again. I was told I would likely never jog again, but I just completed a half marathon (which reminded me how much I do not enjoy running that far!! Haha!).

It is amazing how the pain manifested itself (weight gain and angry feelings that I could not do the things I wanted to do), but it is wonderful say I am managing the condition. I say managing because everyday I do not do my exercises (yoga/stretching, strength training, etc). I can feel the tightness and symptoms start to raise their ugly head.

Thank you for motivating me and  giving me hope!
Love you both!!


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