Alexa goes mobile

Not being able to do the things we could once do is an obvious disadvantage of being disabled. Technology, specifically home automation can you give us back the independence we once had.
One important component to setting up a successful home of the future is the ability to control things using your voice. Amazon has stopped up to the table with the echo device.

Cruising around the house in the wheelchair I can go from room to room and have full access to all of my home automation commands and routines.
But  what about if I go outside into the driveway or onto the deck? I was holding out for an Amazon loop or eyeglasses but those still have not come to fruition. Either way I still need to control my home automation devices. Carrying  my phone around with me was not an option so Bluetooth only devices were eliminated.
Problem solved! We added a third generation Echo Dot to my wheelchair. It’s a fairly simple process and all of the items are purchased on Amazon including the dot, wiring to the battery with USB ports and the converter to go from 12 V to 5 V which is what the echo requires.
I am really surprised at how far the Wi-Fi range is with the echo. Not only can I go out into my driveway and still have access to my home automation controls I can actually get pretty far down the street before I lose the signal.
Here are the most recent home automation projects we have worked on.

1. Automatic door opener to get from my house to garage with Alexa and Google integration
2.. automatic garage door opener‘s to get vehicle out of the garage, Wi-Fi enabled with Alexa and Google integration
3. Wi-Fi enabled lights and switches throughout the house with Alexa and Google integration
4. Wi-Fi enabled power strip to turn on my TV, stereo, subwoofer with Alexa and Google integration
5. Wi-Fi enabled tankless hot water heater with Alexa and Google integration. This is for my entire house and I can tell it to turn on and shut off whenever I want.
6. Wi-Fi enabled deadbolt locks with Alexa and Google integration. I can use voice commands or give digital keys to my home health aides.
7. Wi-Fi enabled thermostats with Alexa and Google integration
8. Moen Wi-Fi enabled shower with Alexa and Google integration. This is one of my favorites! You can set up a routine to start the hot water and then the shower turns on and when it reaches your desired temperature the shower shuts off so my wheelchair can get in there and then when you’re under it you can have a shower turn on again. I love it!
9. Wi-Fi enabled lawn irrigation system with Alexa and Google integration. This is also one of my favorites! I have it set up so that when I give a voice command it can turn on a specific zone.
10. Wi-Fi enabled security cameras with Alexa and Google integration. I can turn on the monitor and watch several cameras at once using voice commands.
Whatt home automation projects have you worked on that make your life easier?
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