Christa Danisewicz Wellness Challenge

My story starts with my ego. As a lifelong health/fitness enthusiast and group exercise instructor, some of my favorite sayings were “no pain, no gain” and “if it doesn’t hurt you, it doesn’t change you.” I honestly thought I had all the answers, but I was wrong.


Christa Danisewicz: My Story

Ultimately, that mindset is what left me with a back injury that affected my ability to walk, stand, and live the active lifestyle that I loved. Whether I had time (or ego) to stop or not, I was at the point where I had no choice. That was my rock bottom. And sadly, it was all my fault.

After consulting with numerous healthcare professionals who didn’t have any real solutions for me other than cortisone shots, prescriptions, and potential surgery, I knew there had to be another way. I finally sought out solutions that addressed the root cause of my back issues–not just treating symptoms with “band-aids”, but actually fixing what was wrong so I could eliminate this problem for good, and return to my healthy, active, abundant life.

So, I got to work. I ignored what people conventionally accepted as their own paths, and got to work on MY path. I acknowledged that getting surgery, popping pills, taking shots, and even going to physical therapy were not my answers. I knew I had to rebuild the structure of my body in a healthy way. Instead of an orthopedic, I turned to a chiropractor to fix the misalignments in my spine.  Instead of taking medication and shots to “mask” the pain, I let myself rest and used it as an opportunity to strengthen my mental and spiritual well-being. Instead of physical therapy, I relied on Pilates to strengthen my core, correct my posture, and fix muscle imbalances. And, most importantly, instead of relying on my own strength, I relied on God to get me where I wanted to be: living my healthy, active, lifestyle once again.

Fast forward to the present day, and I’m now fully recovered and stronger than I’ve ever been. Through this life-changing journey, I’ve learned how to move, live, and exercise in a way to permanently – and naturally – overcome chronic back pain. And now, my mission is to help others do the same. I recently started a website,, which I’m using as an informational platform to help others be kind to their backs while maintaining an active lifestyle. In closing, I hope that if you have learned anything from my story, it’s that the human body has a remarkable ability to heal on its own, and we have more control over our back health than we may think. Do your research (knowledge is power!), trust your gut, and like Joe has taught us, NEVER, ever give up. Philippians 4:13.


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