The Joe Sharron Challenge


Never Give Up.

In December, Joe and his wife, Michelle,  were on vacation in Cancun when Joe had a swimming accident that resulted in a broken neck at C3/C4 and instantly paralyzed him from the neck down.

I will spare the gory details, but we are incredibly lucky that Joe is alive and did not suffer a traumatic brain injury from the extended period of time where his brain was without oxygen.

Joe is an avid outdoorsman who loves the water, whether in the form of water or snow. He has always been on the forefront of water and snow sports, including being one of the first people to own a Burton Board before "snow boarding" was even a coined term.  Joe also takes a great deal of pride in teaching others to enjoy the sports that he loves. Just recently, he started teaching his 10 year old nephew to surf and introduced his 8 year old niece to the kite that powers a windsurfer.

Along with many of his friends, Joe's niece, nephew, and family look to him for his amazingly positive attitude and sense of humor.  Joe will NEVER GIVE UP. And will never allow those around him to give up. This attitude is in his DNA and the reason why he is and will continue to be successful in navigating this thing called "life".